architect's project

The Riba USA was founded and inspired by an institute for architects in the year 2004. We all know how much architects are needed in our place and how much they are in demand for works and jobs all over the world. Other than that, people’s passion for different kinds of things makes them want to become an architect in the future. Many people study to become a professional architect and that is why we are inspired to build this organization to help them out in their goals. In the year 2005, architects who are the first members of this organization have gathered together to build their own organization open for others who want to be like them. And so, in the same year, the Riba USA was founded and opened for many people.

We did not just become a regular organization but we also did our best to make it possible for us to help and train more people like us who are interested in architecture. It wasn’t easy at first but as we grew more and more and get more help from our fellow architects, we were able to stand in the organization firmly and make our goals reachable. We were surprised to see that there were many people who wanted to become a part of us even if they are already taking an architectural course in their own universities or even if they already graduated in different from a different course.

The Riba USA was clearly made to open a new door for these people who aspire to become architects. We wanted to mold them as the person they want to become and to help them enhance everything they have to become an architect. These students have a long way to go and we are here to help and support them. In fact, we are here to open more doors of opportunities and improvements for more people.