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Q. Hello, I always wanted to become a part of this organization but some people say I’m too young. May I know if you have an age requirement and if yes, what is that required age?

A. Hi! Thank you for sending your message to us and for thinking about being a part of this organization. The Riba USA has an age requirement indeed and we only accept people who are 18 years of age and above. However, we do not have any limits from there. Anyone who is a legal adult can be a part of our organization.

Q. Can I join your organization through online membership or do I have to come to your organization personally to apply for membership?

A. Hi, thank you so much for sending your question to us. Riba USA does not require you to come to our place just so you can apply. You may apply for the membership through online and that is by sending us an email about it or just going straight to the membership portal on our website.

Q. Is it true I can post on your forum even if I am not a member of the Riba USA?

A. Hello, thank you for sending the Riba USA a question. Yes, it is true that you can be a part of any discussion on the forum even if you are a non-member of the Riba USA.

Q. Can I join the Riba USA even if I am currently working in a different field?

A. Hello, thank you so much for sending us your message. Yes, you may apply for a membership in our organization and take architectural classes with us even if you are currently working in a different field. Just make sure that it would be fine for the company that you are working for that you are training with us even while you are working for them.