an architect making a layout

Frederick P.

It was so fun to become a part of this kind of organization. I really enjoyed learning more about architecture and I feel bad about not taking a course connected to it when I was still in college. It was such a regretful thing but when I saw this organization, I immediately found hope again because I can take classes and improve my architectural skills and knowledge. I find it very helpful with people like me who find architecture their interest too late but still wants to learn even after college. Now, I’m currently working as a freelancer while studying here and I find it such an amazing experience up until now.

Ryan D.

I am not a member of the Riba USA but I bet it is wonderful to be a part of this organization. My cousin is currently studying architecture at here University while taking a class here every summer. She is such a hard working person but I can really see her interest in this field and career and that’s why she’s doing her best to become an architect in the future. I wanted to take the same course as her but I also wanted to learn about other courses so I took a different path. She told me about this organization and how it could help me to learn architecture even if I’m also studying another field. I guess I’m going to try it as well when the next summer comes.

Frederick P.

You really should try joining the organization, Ryan. It is indeed amazing to be here and it is not too late to study architecture even if you are taking another course. You will learn here and other than that, you will get an efficient training as well so don’t be afraid to try joining. I am rooting for you!